On August 21, 2014, a man named Frederick Von Knox posted an Instagram photo of two crossed swords and the words "Bearded Villains" (hereinafter referred to as BV) written in grey. Unbeknownst to him, that photo would start an empire of bearded brothers across the world. What started as an Instagram page to showcase cool beards and a clothing line has evolved into something not even its originator could’ve imagined.


On April 10, 2015, the Miami Chapter was born. 16 men met up with each other to take pictures, but more importantly, to discuss how they were going to change the image of the bearded man forever. This brotherhood began as a support system and friendship, and quickly became an attractive comradeship. When the Miami Chapter got together, they wanted to be more than just a brotherhood.  They wanted to be a symbol of hope and prosperity.


On April 24, 2015, the Miami Chapter did their first charity event. Partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, they not only made a three year old leukemia patient' swish come true but they saved his life using their BV network (see full story including news coverage in the events section).  This act of selflessness and love for their community made the Miami Chapter the talk of their community all while inspiring their BV community to begin partaking in charity events as well. During 2016, BV as a whole has participated in over 75 different charities worldwide.  In other words, all 95 worldwide BV chapters have contributed to a charity.


The Miami Chapter has worked with: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Camillus House. They have also participated in several walks such as: Walk to Defeat ALS, Autism Walk, Walk to Cure Arthritis, Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer fundraiser) to name some. The Miami Chapter has also been involved with the school system in the Miami-Dade County area by assisting with refurbishing their facilities and collecting back-to-school supplies for inner city kids.


Realizing the impact their participation has had on their club and on the community alike, the Miami Chapter will not be stopping there.  More than presence in numbers, the Miami Chapter knows it thrives off the quality of its presence.  It would not have gotten where it is today if it weren’t for the roles every single member, officer, prospect and prospect hopeful has played in pursuing their goals, both past and present.  The Miami Chapter hopes to plunge into 2017 with the same momentum it picked up in and exited 2016 with.  They hope their efforts draw interests from the community more broadly thus evoking more involvement and planting a deeper understanding of their City’s needs, and the desire to provide where, where and what we can.


"Beards have brought us together. Love for our city has united us."


“Common interests brought us together.  Beards helped us build bonds.  Respect and honor keep us a brotherhood and made us a family.  But, most importantly, love for our city unites us with the community we aim to serve.”

“It isn’t about the money or time we’ve donated to charities, it’s the impact an act of kindness has on families, including ours.  Serving people who are unable to acquire what they need for whatever reason brings us a sense of purpose every time we are able to deliver.” - Daniel Perez Bearded Villains Miami Chapter captain.


Name: Danny Perez

Rank: Captain


Don Bigote, our Captain, and leader wants more than anything to leave a legacy. He came to this chapter with a goal, and has been fighting since the beginning. One of the few who truly understand what it costs to build up a group such as ours. An entrepreneur, with a wealth of knowledge, this Miami OG came to BV305 with the purpose of brotherhood and charity.


Name: Ray Atesiano

Rank: First Lieutenant


Ray is an OG, one of the first to accept this family who helped mold it to what it is today. Giving back is what is most important to him, being a man of worth despite the stereotypical conclusions drawn by those who see a man with a beard. To overcome the stereotype and change it to one of respect and appreciation.


Name: James Garcia

Rank: Officer


James, Villain since September of 2016, joined with the Bearded Villains for brotherhood, in its truest definition. "I've got you, you've got me". To have the loyalty only this group can provide. He admires what BV represents and wanted more than anything to be a part of this great organization that is cherished.


Name: Geo Gomez

Rank: Sergeant


Sergeant of BV305, Geo has been a Villain for 2 years. Believes wholeheartedly that the respect and unity of our Bearded Villains family is what is most important. He hopes that his actions, along with that of his brothers, can bring positivity to the world we live in. An aspiring music producer, and Miami native.


Name: Chris Gomez

Rank: Officer


Chris has been a Villain for 9 months, believing completely in unity amongst like-minded brothers. He hopes to gain a stronger family, full of positive vibes, and continue to strengthen his bonds with the work we do for our community.


Name: Rob Chadwick

Rank: Officer


Grump has been a Villain for 2 years. He became a villain to make a difference, to reach out to people and lift them up. We all have our problems, and a simple helping hand can make all the difference they need.  He wishes to better himself in the process, and what better way is there.


Name: Richard Smith

Rank: Officer


Rich has been a Villain for a year. In his words "as humans, we all bleed the same", therefore he takes it upon himself to help his fellow man in need, and make the very necessary difference. He simply wishes to see the joy and happiness in the lives he touches. Rich is a crane operator born and raised in Miami.


Name: Matt Guartos

Rank: Advisor


Matt, An advisor in BV305, is in this Brotherhood to give back, and seek the comradery of Brotherhood. To be in a group that breaks the stereotype of Bearded men, where one not only sees a beard, but what good we do. A Marine, a Brotherhood such as ours is what it is all about.

Name: Luis Rivas


Luis became a Villain a months ago. He appreciates a group of like-minded people who come together with one goal. To care for each other, to care for our community, is what it's all about. Born in California, and raised in Miami, Luis is a barber who touches many lives with his work.


Name: Victor Fonseca


Vic, also one of our OGs, who became a villain in March of 2015 believes the support shown and received within the brotherhood leads to the betterment of his own self and each brother. One’s life is short, and he wants to make an impact in the short time he is given. Born and raised in New Jersey, and came to Miami to be near his family.


Name: Vicente Forte


Vinny was born in Venezuela, and came to Miami to seek a better life. He compares the loyalty and support of our family to that of the Samurai, but with a more relaxed and modern environment. Knowing he has brothers all over the world, who he can call on, and be there for is what's most important to him.


Name: Isaac Seoane


Isaac became a villain a year and a half ago. Giving back to the community, growing as a person, and all around humility gained is what is most important to him.  He is a Business Development Manager, who works closely helping his fellow man to reach their own personal goals.


Name: Domenico Taribo


Dom became a Bearded Villain in April of 2016. He joined for the appeal of the brotherhood, but quickly embraced that which not many outsiders see, the chance to make a difference. With the goal to make a change in his community, he lives his life in Miami weary of those around him, searching to better his own life in the process. Dom is a claims specialist in a Medical Insurance company.


Name: Jorge Anton


Jorge became a Villain in July of 2016, and believes in being there for your community in the good and the bad. He wishes to become a better person through his journey in BV, and inspire his brothers just as they inspire him.


Name: Bobby Ramirez


Bobby made the decision to become a Bearded Villain in 2015 with the purpose of having an extended family and be confident in having a group of brothers who can be depended on, who can depend on him in return. Not just within his chapter but on a global scale, brothers who are as passionate as he is in doing good for his community, strengthening his soul in the process. Bobby works in Miami pulling permits for construction companies and contractors, a native of beautiful Miami.


Name: Andy Brito


Andy aka: Chiko, has been a part of the Miami Chapter for coming on 9 months. He joined with a simple purpose, to save lives by means of appreciation. The opportunities that are presented in this organization are like no other, not just in what we do, but what opportunities we allow for each other, in helping those in need. Being born in Havana, Cuba and knowing strife, he hopes to change lives with a simple phrase......QUEBOLAAAAAA!!!!


Name: Elio Being a part of a group of bearded men who share the same ideals on loyalty and respect as he, means everything. He hopes to extend his family through BV, and gain many more bearded brothers along the way.

Name: Javier Vasallo


Javi has been a Villain since June of 2016. He originally joined  for the purpose of brotherhood. Growing up in Miami, he had many friends, but few were real brothers, until BV. Since he joined, he has seen the impact we make and it has become a passion for him. Let's change the world!