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Azbane sponsor

Azbane is a name known across the world by many. You have probably seen their products in hotels across the world if you’re a frequent traveler, or work in the Hotel industry. This Moroccan company has been a leading manufacturer of a variety of shampoos, soaps, creams and oils available to the consumer as well, through online shop services We are especially fond of their Men’s grooming products, particularly catering to beard care in form of oils, balms, beard and face moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners. Azbane is the largest user of Argan oil in Morocco, which is used in its purest form in their formulations of these impressive products. They are known for their worldwide exports, the US being a major market for them.

Argania, a genus of Argania Spinosa or Argan, can only be found in the southwestern region of Morocco. The tree bares fruit with a single, hard nut wherein 1-3 seeds/kernels are found, and argan oil is extracted. For locals, this oil is used for culinary purposes mostly, but is now heavily used in many cosmetic applications, such as these highly recommended Azbane products.

Our Bearded Villains organization is fortunate enough to have Said Azbane, whose family founded the company in 1970, to call a brother. Some of you who have met Said (aka: @happysbeards), will know he is a one of a kind brother who has made a point to travel the globe in a quest to reach out to the chapters of our organization offering his respect and knowledge to those brothers willing to give time to him. Said was made an honorary member of our Miami chapter late in 2016, and we could not be happier to have him represent us.

Late in 2016 the Bearded Villains Miami Chapter (BV305) was chosen to host the 3rd annual Bearded Villains World meet. A huge event designed with the purpose of uniting our Bearded Brothers to one city, where we can strengthen our bonds, and continue our everlasting venture to change how the world views the bearded man. When we discovered our city was chosen to host this year’s World Meet, Said contacted us immediately and offered his help.

He agreed to be our official, and largest sponsor, and contribute largely to our efforts in making this year one to remember. We happily accepted his contributions, and look forward to the time to come. With the help of Azbane, and the many ideas we have in store, Miami will be the place to be.

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