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When you think Greek Mythology, what images appear in your head? Do you imagine a snake headed woman turning men to stone, and the young hero that ended her life? Or are you steered in the direction of Minotaur’s? Perhaps a labyrinth, secret lovers, and a plot to save a city. Or it could be you think of Icarus and his wings of wax.

Maybe you’re different, and maybe it makes you think of the Odyssey. Odysseus and his conquests. Could be that all you know about Greek Mythology is what you learned while watching Percy Jackson, and all those words make you think is satyrs and lightening thieves.

But, what you don’t think about… is beards.

Yet, in almost every aspect of Greek Mythology, beards are always present. In ancient Greece, the beard was the turning of a boy to a man. Length represented age, graying represented experience. It was a badge, a sign of virility. Warriors and Gods alike are seen in glorious stances, doing heroic feats with their beards hanging as a symbol of manhood and prosperity. Shaving only to mourn, or forcing to shave as a sign of disrespect and cowardice.

Fast forward. Miami. Early 2000’s. Marcello “Cool” Valenzano and Andre “Dre” Lyons started producing music. Working with the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Meek Mills, Pit Bull, and many others well known artists, “Cool & Dre” built an empire in the musical industry. Their musical savvy, and skillful producing has left them with sales of over 30 million records worldwide.

In 2013, Cool and Dre (along with their partner Ted) launched their newest project. The clothing line “Beardsace Cartel”. Beardsace Cartel is a luxury brand that represents the beard culture through clothing and accessories. Designed and inspired for the beard, by the beard, and represents the love and expression of the beard; whether you have one, love one, envy one, trying to grow one or just fascinated by one. It started as an idea, the demand and popularity grew in such a short period, that it had to be expanded into a full line of clothing and accessories. Beardsace Cartel is the standard fashion for the bearded culture that appeals to men, women and children.

A member of the Bearded Villains Miami chapter, Ted Kay works closely with Cool and Dre as their manager, and lead man for their clothing line. Since he joined the Miami chapter, Ted has been able to share his experiences with his peers. Naturally, having built their empire in Miami, Cool and Dre were eager to jump on board as sponsors for the 2017 Bearded Villains World Meet. Working closely with BV305, Beardsace Cartel steps up as the next industry to help make the world meet a success. One step closer on helping Behavior Links expand their international program.

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