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Strength, will, determination, ferocity, pain, focus….just a few of the words one would choose to describe the requirements of being a proper Strongman. The building blocks one must embrace to know the pleasures of such a title. But what is Strongman? The Strongman competitions go back to a time where a man’s strength measured his worth, and contests were held to demonstrate exactly who was the mightiest. These competitions have existed since the time of our ancestors, but only in the 1970s, were they broadcasted as an athletic competition, and is now a contest anyone can pursue, should they find the mental and physical fortitude required to do so.

The Beardstrong Podcast was created by two bearded, fitness advocates who felt their passion for strength and competition should be shared. Realizing the biggest challenge for any aspiring strongman competitor, or any person simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, is their lack of knowledge and motivation. These two share their reservoir of knowledge and realism, in the most quirky, and energetic way. Providing not simply the information you seek but the entertainment that lessens the agony of

fitness and exercise.

On their weekly podcasts, John and JT will speak to you about their personal ventures, preferred workout regiments, eating habits, and provide their recommendations for what gains to strive for. As if their knowledge alone were not enough, they frequently bring on guests from different health and fitness clubs, to discuss their own successes, not simply in their own fitness, but that of the they have influenced, and assisted in reaching their goals. One important thing they topic of discussion, is the ability to open one’s mind to the knowledge of others.

But it’s not always hard work for the bearded chatter boxes. A most appealing part of the Beardstrong Podcast, is not just in its obvious purpose, but in the realism of their individual characters. Though focus is key, a positive state of mind is required, and a sense of humor goes a long way to help in the positivity. Beardstrong not only teaches you the know-how to compete in strongman, but will have you

running to the bathroom whilst you do get there. With their witty banter, brotherly razzing, and nerdy antics, these are the two who you want to motivate you into attaining the achievements you long for.

If you are looking for a unique look into the fitness community, a way into strength building, and competitiveness, or just wanting a laugh from a more brutish perspective, find the Beardstrong Podcast on youtube, iTunes and several other platforms online, to get you on your way to great strength and awesome beards!

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