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Closing 2017

December is the most sought-after month of the year, the one we all look most forward to. It represents cold weather and snow, the arrival of Old Saint Nick, gifts galore, plentiful food and the closing of another year. The count down to the New Year quite possibly the most awaited 10 seconds of the year and likely, the longest 10 seconds for most, as it is the time where the past years most memorable moments are reflected upon. As a society, we have been conditioned to believe in its significance, as a chance to start a new. The reality is, the 60 seconds between 11:59PM and 12:00AM, doesn’t affect anything, cosmically speaking, however it has become very significant to the individual. The time they choose to reflect on what they have accomplished, to contemplate how they will excelfurther than they did the prior year.

In lieu of the New Year, we’ve decided to change the way this blog will be written, as we, along with the rest of the world, have memories of 2017, and feel it best to share with a more personal perspective.

This year marks the 3rd “calendar year, since our chapter first waved the BV flag as an official chapter of the brotherhood. Like anything else, it was a journey filled with twists and turns, but through the determination of our leadership, and our motivated brothers, we have molded ourselves to become a true power within our bearded community, as well as our city. We’ve touched many lives, fulfilled dreams, and ultimately built a legacy that is unrivaled. The fondest memory is our biggest event to date, which of course, is the 2017 Bearded Villains World Meet. This is the time that solidified everything we thought this brotherhood was. It showed us the strength in our chapter, and pushed our determination to the breaking point. The success was unlike anything we had dreamed for it, and the relief afterwards was unimaginable for us all.

We are often questioned why we decide to contribute to the causes we have in the past, in other words, “why this one?’. This should be a perfect example.

The world is full of disasters and tragedy, often times something terrible happens, and people will speak on what should have been done, or what could have been done, in hindsight. This year alone, many of our brother chapters were impacted by the hurricane swarm of 2017, including Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico chapters. The Florida Keys, a home away from home for many in our brotherhood, was devastated by Hurricane Irma. Our Captain often makes it a point to take care of home first, and this was exactly the type of situation we take by the balls. It was imperative that we go there to offer aid to the people of the Keys, so they could feel some type of relief after the tragedy they had suffered. Fortunately, we managed to put together a truck full of supplies that was made possible by our friends, family and supporters who felt connected to what we were trying to accomplish. Brothers and friends of the brotherhood aligned themselves with the Boys and Girls club to make a difference, and that was exactly what they did. This wasn’t just a “here’s a donation and a few pics for Instagram” type of situation,this was man power, this was blood, sweat, and tears. This was our attempt at being the beacon of hope that the people of the Keys never saw coming. The progression of emotions from the people who we directly impacted from an uneasy “who the hell are these guys” to teary eyed thank yous, complete with handshakes and heart felt hugs. We often do charity as many of our brothers do, and like them, we choose to do something that makes us unique in the way we choose them, and that’s in the emotional connection we often have with the cause we choose to be involved with.

Its beyond heartwarming to feel the gratitude of others. Not because of the praise that follows, but in the sincerity in a person tone, or expression. To see the weight, almost tangibly lifted off their shoulder, makes us feel like super heroes. We are just as grateful to them, as they are to us, in providing that solace to our own hearts. Which is why we continue to do what we do, especially now, during christmas time.

We understand, being a child on Christmas is a great thing. The holiday is filled with promises of presents, candy, and joyfulwonderment, and what quite possibly be the best part of all, a two-week vacation from school. At a young age, this is the time where our wildest dreams to come true. Where, asking for things isn’t unacceptable, on the contrary, it’s requested. A time where all the dishes you washed, all the trash you took out, all the times you’ve cleaned your room, pays off. It’s Christmas, and all bets are off.

But………what if you’re not one of those kids? A little over six percent of kids are in foster care. Twenty one percent living in what are considered poor homes. Four in ten kids are living on a back and forth see-saw, flirting with the poverty line. For these kids, Christmas is different. Christmas still shares the same wonder. The same excitement. But the expectations are different. For these kids, there’s not much allure of presents, no grand assumption that Santa would bring them anything. Christmas, although special… is just another day.

One of our proudest annual events is that of Amigos for Kids, whogave us an opportunity to change that for some children. This is the third year we’ve worked side by side with them, and this event never ceases to pull on the heart strings and warm the soul. Not just because of their mission, and how positively they impact these less fortunate kids, but also by the alarming amount of people that are also helping out. It might just seem like toys to some people. It might seem like just another toy drive. But those kids receiving these gifts… it’s more. It’s a promise that tomorrow might be better. That, maybe they aren’t alone, and that someone does have their back. It’s hope. That’s what Christmas and charity is all about right?

We have made it our goal to impact our city as often, and in as many ways as possible. We are constantly on the lookout for a life to change, one to save, or simply the next face to make smile. As 2017 comes to a close, we look forward to what 2018 will bring, and more importantly, what we will bring to others, in our continuingjourney to the betterment of our society.

Written by: Javier Vasallo IG: @pride55

John Banks IG: @bearded_superman

Victor Fonseca IG: @flying.graysons

Edited By: Javier Vasallo

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