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Irma Relief

With sustained winds of over 185 miles per hour, hurricane Irma came to the united states with one simple purpose… destruction. Irma started its path of horror on August 30, 2017. She was formed from a tropical wave that moved off the west African coast and quickly became a Category 2 hurricane within a mere 24 hours. With no intention of slowing down, it quickly gathered strength, and became category 3 hurricane shortly after. On September 5th, Irma resumed intensifying, becoming a category 5 storm, putting fear into many hearts. On September 6, Irma reached its peak intensity of 185 mph.

First up on this devastating track, was the Leeward Islands, then traversing towards the island of Barbuda, leaving further declaration, where over 90 percent of its buildings suffered some type of damage, and 3 confirmed fatalities. Irma was unrelenting in her trek, and left the island almost completely uninhabitable. The storm continued on, eventually reaching Puerto Rico and Cuba, and bringing its death count up to 13 people, and leaving thousands without power, not to mention flooding.

After ripping through the islands, Irma set its sights on the eastern coast of the United States. Touching down on the continental United States, the Florida Keys being its first target. Still between a category 4 and 5, the sustained winds came on with a vengeance. Large amounts of flooding almost completely submerged cars under water. Storm surges off the coast sent waves crashing into homes that leapt up over the homes themselves.

After leveling the Keys, Irma strolled onto more of mainland Florida. Causing the states largest hurricane evacuation. It tore fences right out of their foundations, stripped trees and their roots out of the soil they called home, and left over 80 percent of Florida without power. With its death toll up to 50 casualties and over 50 billion dollars in damages. Irma then slowed down dramatically and moved towards Georgia as a tropical storm. Continuing to flood and leave people without power and hope.

After the storm passed, many were left homeless, or powerless. Relief efforts pour in from all around to help clean up and rebuild. Several organizations came down to Florida, offering their resources to get people certain items they need to pick their lives up from beneath fallen trees and torn off siding.

On Saturday September 16th, BV305 went to key west to help with relief efforts. What they arrived to was more than any of them were expecting. Entire lives washed away by the very ocean they pay to live by. Families coming back from evacuation only to find they had nothing to come back to.

In times like this, all people must come together for such common goals. BV305 has set up several donation programs where people can send items needed by those who were affected by this monster they called Irma. Using the power of social media, they put the word out for everyone who can help, to help. We all live in different places, and everyone was affected differently. But if everyone does a small part, with enough time, everything can be restored to its former glory. Just like Irma started slowly and became incredibly powerful, BV305 hopes the efforts put forth can work the same way.

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