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Maestro’s Classic

Maestro’s is defined as “a great or distinguished figure in any sphere”, and classic, well we all know classic don’t we? But what is its true definition “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its time”. Well as men, isn’t that what we are always looking for as we forge our path in life? To be a recognizable individual or as a maestro of our time? Don’t we all want our life to be recognized as a classic? Our journey to be classic? As you take your journey into your beard life, whether you are the beard grower, or just a pagonphile who can’t resist, it is simple to see why the name Maestro’s Classic has been a chosen brand. Maestro’s fully embraces the beard culture, and movement or as we call it, the “lifestyle”.

We all know there is no better confidence booster than that of a great haircut and trim, the satisfaction of a partial new look makes one feel brand new, and sets a tone for the next few days, so it makes complete sense that Maestro’s Classic would make themselves a known to the barbering communities throughout, for those who have embraced the beard as a lifestyle and require from their barbers, aka beard sculptors (artists). Furthering into the artistry that is proper beard sculpting, it is believed that this is why Maestro’s has chosen a logo that embodies a mythological look. Even to this day, there is no one who doesn’t think of Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo and their legendary classic sculpted masterpieces, and these being a sentiment that every barber wishes to capture in the look they help you attain.

Maestro’s product sets the bar, and sets it high. But we implore you to go beyond the product, and follow them on (community, purpose) level, as you dive down you will see that there is much more to them than just looking great. It’s about community, it’s about building a community, growing a community and supporting it. This is the primary reason it made sense to align ideals with one another. Yes, shockingly the beards are secondary but you see, if you ask any bearded villain what we are about the answer would echo the same “we are a brotherhood, we are a family”. Maestro’s popularity has given them a chance to make it into retail stores nationwide, which for most would be the end goal but, with Maestro’s it is a “we have more, let’s do more” attitude, therefore they take part in a multitude of charity and community events wherever possible.

Most notably their “haircuts for the homeless” program which showcases barbers, heading out to the community and giving free haircuts. Nothing is more gratifying than taking a man who is at his lowest and giving him a confidence boost by offering something we take for granted, a haircut and even more important conversation and support. The partnership between a barber and a great beard emulates the bearded villains Miami and Maestro’s unification. As Maestro’s continues to mold and sculpt their very path in the beard community and all communities, it is an honor to share in their journey and be another set of hands sculpting in a singular masterpiece.

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