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Map your Meet

So, you’ve made it, you’ve finally arrived at Miami, and the weekend is about to begin, but where do you start? Here are some ideas to map out your meet. Friday, we start our journey positively, by giving back to the veterans who fought for our great nation. We will be at Carrfour Supportive Housing-Harding Village between 10AM and 2PM, where we will be donating food clothing and hygiene products, as well as providing our veterans with free haircuts. Later that evening, the Meet in Greet will be held at Wynwood Garden located in the center of Wynwood (home of art Basel and many other hot spots). Wynwood Garden is a great outdoor bar that will be sure to satisfy your need for food and drink and proper bonding time with our brothers.

From there we’d encourage you to explore the area! Wynwood is the perfect spot to capture the dope shots you’ve envied, captured by the Miami boys.

Saturday is the main event!

Doors open at 3 PM. Make sure you get yourself some raffle tickets, as we will be announcing winners every hour. Take some time to get situated and check out the sponsor tables! Meet the Ritz Boys from the Beardstrong podcast, head over to the main table and get fitted for the bad ass ring you’ve been wanting from rotten bones. The BV305 squad will be waiting there also with those shirts you’ve been waiting to adorn. Also, new and only currently to be found at the Meet, check out our hot BV305 pendants.

Our brothers from Chico’s Marked 4 Life will be tattooing as well, so maybe it’s time you get that BV tatt you’ve anxiously been wanting. Check out some local artists at work, as they create their art live via graffiti. Make your way over to the tables, and check out some apparel from Parks and Wreck, and Beardsace, but first stop at the bar and quench your thirst with some craft beer from our very own Miami Brewery. They’ll assure you’ll get a taste of Miami in every sip of their Big Rod, or Miami Vice beer.

By this time, you’re sure to have worked up an appetite so head over to our food trucks and get your fill of some sought after Cuban food from Tony’s Kitchen, or some unique culinary creations at Mr. PB&J. After every good meal, we know that usually follows…THE DREADED IDUS. No need to worry though, we got just what you need. You’ve heard this a lot from BV305’s IG stories, time for you to learn what all the hype is about. Cafe’ La Llave will be there, just go up and ask for a colada, and wake the hell up!

The Beard and Mustache competition starts promptly at 5 PM, so if you’re competing, head back over to the sponsor booths, and load up on some of Maestros balms to shape your face sweater. You can’t forget your oils though, slide back over to the main table, as we’ll have Azbane products there as well, with their great scented oils. You’re in Miami right? Make sure you get yourself some Miami Nights oil from Pulpo, and take a little bit of Miami back with you every time you apply.

There are certainties when one comes to Miami, and they are sunshine, beaches and bikinis! During the Beard and Mustache intermission, make sure you check out our gorgeous local women, as they compete in a bikini contest. After the comp, time to check out some more merch. Sadly, our journey ends on Sunday, but in true Miami fashion, why not go out with a bang! Meet us at the illustrious Miami Beach on Sunday morning, for some fun in the sun. This is not an actual event, so make sure you bring any goodies you care to indulge in. But otherwise, let’s make our goodbye one to remember, in true Bearded Villains style. See you then!!

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