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Miami Night

When someone is showing their might, we often times think of feats of strength. In the Body Building world it may be lifting heavy, for powerlifting it may be in attaining a large total weight, CrossFit may be crushing a WOD, and in Strongman it could be winning a local competition. To Matt Kunkle, it represents something else. It is empowering yourself to achieve goals despite whatever your obstacle.

On November 4th, the “Miami Might” event was put on to showcase all these different lifting styles, for all walks of life and with one intention in mind. To bring a community of lifters together and give back to the city. As we all know, when it comes to their community, BV305 are first in line to make an impact.

The day was filled with electricity in the air that could not be denied. As you walked through Elite U, one could tell there was genuine excitement in the room. To be a part of something bigger than the best lift, or the highest total. Competitors were there to make an impact in the community they had become familiar with from other Miami Might events and local gyms. Miami Might showcased many different athletes that day, but there was a focus on two special groups, the Adaptive Athletes and the Special Needs lifters.

The showcase of strength and the ability to overcome adversity was absolutely breathtaking. The special athletes were probably the biggest draw amongst all of those present. Each lift performed by each athlete made the crowd roar louder and louder, surging further with each rep. During the transition of lifts, you could find people outside spectating the Battle Axe gyms incredible athletes putting on a show for the crowd, as they demonstrated different lifts and techniques for Strongman.

This day had everything, fun, family, friends, PRs and fails with everyone enjoying every moment. The highlight of the day, was the moment shared when Matt presented the award for best lifter from last years event, to the parents of Joey Vega, which from this point forward would be named after him, due to his unfortunate and untimely passing earlier this year. Joey had competed last year in Miami Might and instantly impacted Matt’s life forever. After a brief story about their interaction, a moment filled with laughs and some tears, it was clear why Matt made the choice to name this award after Joey.

The Bearded Villains Miami chapter didn’t just sponsor and donate to the event though, thats just to simple to fulfill their passion for the cause, they also threw some brothers to the wolves, by having entered both Jamo and Chiko into the competition. For these two brothers, charity and properly representing the club go hand in hand. Jamo took first in his weight class, while Chikos last minute availability, allowed him to enter, and was able to produce a very respectable total, with over 1100 pounds and setting two personal records. As the Bearded Villains of Miami grow their reputation for serving their community, they also look forward to growing their partnership with Matt Kunkle and the Miami Might movement.

Written By: John Banks

Edited By: Javi Vasallo

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