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MLK Beautification 2018

The neighborhood of Brownsville in Miami is home to a lot of culture bolstering all types of ethnicities that come together to create their small community. Brownsville has its share of ups and downs as a neighborhood, once a thriving community for black professionals only to ultimately be ravaged by poverty and economic decline. Within the community, there is still hope for a brighter future and it has invested itself in, ensuring that the youth of tomorrow is not denied the education they deserve.

Brownsville Middle School, the segway from happy go lucky child, to moody pre teen, where molding kids in attendance is most important, as they transition into young teens. Each year Brownsville Middle has the local and surrounding communities come together to donate their time and man power to give the school a facelift. For the past three years, the BV305 has answered the call.

Year number three of service to the beautification program started as most events; with the beards from Miami arriving first, even before the staff, anxious and ready to put their passion for putting a change to work. The first year the Miami chapter attended they brought roughly 12 members, the second year slightly more, and this year the number swelling to an incredible 25 man roster. As the work began, the BV305 broke up into three teams to maximize their effectiveness in making this a great and special day for all attending Brownsville Middles beautification and clean up, whether it be those volunteering, the staff, or the students of tomorrow. The Miami chapter has always been an “action over words” type of chapter, and in doing so, have grown into leaders not only amongst the Bearded Villains brotherhood but in the community as a whole. More and more people step up to support the chapter through service at their side or donations, and the future cannot be foreseen but it can be molded for the better with the good deeds we do now. So the Bearded Villains Miami Chapter will continue to participate in this amazing project for years to come ensuring that our heroes of tomorrow will continue to be inspired by the Villains of today.

Written by: John Banks @Bearded_superman

Edited by: Javier Vasallo IG: @pride55

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