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Next Generation

Running, jumping, playing and laughing; just another day with the kids. As parents, we make every moment for them count. Not only for their entertainment and our personal memories, but to instill ideas, and teach lessons. We may not be educators, in the sense of scholastic teachings, but everything we do and say to a child is something they mimic. They learn from us; how to speak, not simply words, but the manner in which they communicate and interact. The way they choose their goals, regardless of how minuscule it is in their little worlds. As individuals, we each have our way of being, how we approach situations and socialize; how we treat others, and what we deem important. However, the essence of how we do it, we pick up as children, from what we saw growing up. This is what makes our actions within their line of sight so important.

No child is born with malicious intent, or a desire for good, they simply are, and they learn from what is around them. They act and treat others as they see those in their lives treat and act towards others. So, it is important to show them; not just the benefits of hard work, but also a sense of worth and appreciation when good deeds are performed.

Naturally, we live our lives to satisfy ourselves, to feel accomplished, to find answers, to explore, or live happy. Some live for a greater purpose, to believe in what we they decide to and give their lives to it. The one thing all people can agree on, is the importance of the next generation; the next group of people whose lives will somehow mold the world from where we left it and add progress to it. Through technology, scientific advancements, perhaps medical changes, but why not also through charity.

BV305 has been dedicated to the betterment of Miami since the chapter came together in 2015. We relish in the time we spend pouring ourselves into the projects we undertake, in the responses from those effected and the emotional onslaught we feel at having touched the lives we have. Greater though, are the lessons we teach the kids who work with us, or benefit from what we do. It teaches them to love and do; for more than themselves. It teaches them the importance of working hard and

gives them an opportunity to grow a humanitarian side to themselves.

The only certainty to life, is its end; but what of those we leave behind? It Is our responsibility to instill and inspire, to let the creative mind flourish, and be an asset to the community, and world we are a part of. The goal for any parent is to leave a legacy, someone to carry on their name and make it bigger and better known. Our legacy is that of our children, and those we touch daily. We constantly speak of our contributions to inspire others to follow suit, and hope that in turn, the younger lives take in the message as well. Our futures are in their hands after all….

Written By: Javi Vasallo

IG: @pride55

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