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The octopus. It has always been a symbol of complexity, diversity, and mystery. They’ve been revered for their innate abilities as both hunter, and master of camouflage.

Man. A testament of perseverance, will power, and adaptation. The pinnacle of evolution, and apex predator. Man is known for his ability to divide and conquer.

If, in your imagination, you were to put these two iconic beings together…You’d probably get some type of ink spitting mutant. “INK BOY” right? He’d stand guard on the coasts of Miami, with eight arms. All used for kicking the crap out of crime.

Instead of a cephalopod super hero; let this bad ass idea of a crime fighter represent an 11 year army veteran. One with the same ability to camouflage, hunt, adapt, and be mysterious all at the same time.

Jorge “PULPO” Montes became a bearded villain prospect March 4th 2015. Following over a decade in the United States Army, Pulpo was accustomed to a life with “battle buddies”. A brother, or brothers you trust with your life, and whose life is trusted upon you. So when the alluring calls of a similar brotherhood (BUT WITH BEARDS!!) came scrolling upon his fingertips, he was more than enticed.

“BV brought a sense of brotherhood back in to my life. It’s been definitely worth it”.

All the greatest inventions, are done because of a need. On December 12, 2014 the need was beard growth in Texas. With the sun beaming down with blistering heat, dry as the bone. With such a need comes maintenance. Ways of keeping your face moisturized. Ways to keep your beard from itching. (Most men shave within the first 30 days because said itch) Grooming, trimming, conditioning, oiling.

Named after the Spanish word for octopus, Pulpo has captivated and mesmerized its users with its unique scents, funky designs, and functionality. Offering a variety of musky, fruity, and refreshing scents, it stands above other competitors.

“I had tried out a few different brands oils. I liked some more than others. My wife and I had thought, I could probably save money by making my own oils. It wasn’t until eight months later, after perfecting the formula and scents, that I found my product to be marketable. “With unparalleled customer service, and constant accessibility, Pulpo oils is top dog in the BV Community.

In 2015, Montes heard about all the buzz coming from the boys down in the 305. It didn’t take long before he made contact with Miami.

“I believe BV305 is the standard bearer for every chapter in the Bearded Villains brotherhood. Since their involvement with Matthew, they have raised the bar and continue to do so.”

By becoming a platinum sponsor, Montes became an intricate part of the grand plan in assisting Behavior links expand their international programs.

All of the best inventions are created based on a need.

But all of the world’s biggest revelations, have also been based on a need. A need for change.

Pulpo oils aids in the change. Get yours now. And aid the change.

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