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We got there at 7am. The sun crept its way up the sky. Becoming slightly brighter and hotter by the minute. “Sign in, and get your assignment and t-shirt,” our captain’s voice echoed down a street filled with cars. Registration took all but five minutes.

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava stood on top of a stage, declaring today (April 29th 2017) National rebuilding day. The crowd roared with excitement, and anticipation for the build. “Today, we help make district 8, a little more great.”

Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade (hereafter mentioned as RTMD) brings volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of homeowners in need. RTMD preserves home-ownership and revitalizes communities by providing critical home repairs to low-income, elderly, veterans and disabled homeowners at no cost.

More and more families must choose between vital necessities such as food and medicine, or a roof that does not leak. Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade works to ensure the homeowners we serve do not have to make these difficult choices.

The bearded villains Miami (hereafter mentioned as bv305) got the assignment to help Ms. Miller. A kind elderly woman who needed some landscaping, and house painting done. We arrive three trucks deep. Bearded men came out of back seats and truck beds, with matching shirts and hands ready for working.

An otherwise eight hour project was completed in under two hours. “On to the next house gentlemen,” captain Daniel Perez rallied. The next four hours was dedicated to helping two more families fix two more houses. Everything from putting shingles on the roof, to leveling trees with chainsaws.

Joy filled the eyes and smiles of the people whose life has been blessed with such an opportunity. For two years, the rebuilding together initiative has helped out over forty different causes. Helping over 50 families. Truly staying behind their vision statement, “A safe and healthy home for every person”.

BV305 is humbled by the opportunity given to us by the city of Miami Dade and District 8. We look forward to other events with this organization, and help Miami live a little safer, and a little healthier. One house at a time.

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