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Rotten Bones

“Rotten Bones” to the average person, it can make them think lots things. Maybe it would make them think of their favorite zombie movie, maybe their favorite pirate, or maybe even death in general (to those darker souls). To the creators, skulls represent something most people don’t see. A canvas, an opportunity to create art that has become a necessary accessory. “Rotten Bones” to a villain is a representation of “bad assery,” communicated in a single piece of jewelry that the bearded villains personify. Power, style, and individuality.

When you look at any piece designed by rotten bones it’s easy to see why the Bearded Villains Miami have aligned themselves with this company. Established in 2016 in Indonesia, every piece is bolstering with detail that almost seems impossible to incorporate in anything as “small” as a ring or pendant and yet, it is done magnificently. Each piece is 100% hand crafted which creates a culture that is clear, focusing on quality, over quantity.

As you find yourself looking through their products you will discover that each ring is not only perfectly designed to be worn by itself, but can be paired with others, without fear that they would overshadow one another aesthetically, but provide the perfect compliment. Ordering is as simple as a few clicks, and sizing is communicated easily. Everyone is looking for something in their lives to set them apart from the endless sea of clones out there, right? Why not adorn a lifeless skull with its own unique energy, to set you apart.

It goes without saying why a partnership with Rotten Bones was a priority for BV305, as they embody all of the things that their brotherhood represents. Just take a look at any of the BV305 brothers, there are two things you will always see them in when they leave the house, their chapter shirt and of course, their Rotten Bones accessories. You may think that you have your style set in stone but nobody is complete without Rotten bones.

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