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Thank You

On December of 2016, the Bearded Villains Miami chapter got together for another monthly meeting. This was a special meeting for them, as they were of course celebrating Christmas, and the close of another year. What they didn’t know though, was they would get news that would excite, and frighten them. This of course, would be the announcement that they would be hosting the 2017 Bearded Villains World Meet. This of course, was to them an appointment of honor, so they obviously relished in this aforementioned excitement. But why fear, why anxiety? Simply put, they knew it would be a year to make a mark, and the bar they were to set, would have to be higher than could be expected. This task was taken without hesitation though, and the boys leapt into action, and taking the lead along-

side the Captain, was Miami member, Jorge Anton (aka: @thebeardedphoenix). This World Meet would not have been possible were it not for Jorge’s efforts. From the beginning he was hard at work determining necessary items required, funding needed for the event, creating proposals for potential sponsors, setting up meetings, attending said meetings, appointing responsibility as best fit the individual’s strengths, and every other bit of meticulously detailed requirements. Literal blood sweat and tears were spilled in this process, and most of all by him.

In addition to all the effort put forth by the members of BV305, the 2017 World Meet would not have been possible, were it not for the sponsors who so admirably accepted the proposals made, understanding not only the value of such an event was not solely the potential in marketing their individual products, but for the necessity to make it grand, due to the beneficiaries of the event and the great cause funded. Many contributions were made by these people, and it is important to recognize those parties. Although this was a Bearded Villains Meet, emphasis being placed so obviously on the “Beard”, there was a plethora of diversity in what was available. Just as the Villains themselves are diverse, it was necessary to offer it in goods offered as well, making the Meet a complete success.

Many of the bearded brothers were able to attend this year, making it a pleasure for any who participated. Not just the Villains themselves, but the supporters, and general public who all played a role in making it an unforgettable experience. The Bearded Villains Miami chapter extend their gratitude to all those that made the effort to show their support, and are humbled by the affection received. Was truly a night to remember!

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