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Together We Rise

What is a brotherhood? What does it mean to be a part of a truly united group of men, whose simple association proves to be that of a family? If you were to ask any brother in the Bearded Villains, no matter the chapter, and ask them what they love most about being a villain, the over whelming answer would be “the brotherhood”. When Bearded Villains started on Instagram, its creator, Von Knox never would’ve dreamed it would grow to what it is today, a worldwide brotherhood on which you can be anywhere in the world and know, you can find a local chapter and have a group of brothers you can count on.

Bearded Villains has grown to become more than a shout-out page, more than sick shots of bad ass bros doing bad ass stuff. It has elevated itself into something far more profound, a symbol of hope. Every chapter of BV standing up for causes true to their hearts. From autism, to cancer awareness, to giving back to veterans, and everything in between. Bearded Villains has become the vigilantes of philanthropy, often finding themselves in positions where giving back to the community on their own, risked trouble with local law enforcement.

Recently, due to 3 major hurricanes, the focus of the brotherhood and their charity work has been refocused inwardly as chapters in Texas, Florida, and now Puerto Rico have been ravaged by the 3 different monstrous storms. With Texas being first to face the devastation of these natural disasters @grapesoda_mike, Captain of Coast Texas chapter had this to say about the outpouring of support from the brotherhood

“The Coast Texas area was recently devastated by Hurricane Harvey removing thousands from their homes and businesses. In the Houston area, they referred to it as a 1000 year flood and several small towns decimated. The spotlight was on us and the world reached out. Amongst the Bearded Villains alone, the outreach of supplies and donations was beyond what I could imagine. Due to this, several families have been able to receive support in getting back on their feet and more to come”.

As Texas was getting back on its feet, Florida was struck by Irma and again the brotherhood reacted immediately. Coastal Texas, being one of the first to reach out to the Miami chapter and support as well as the Swampside Villains.

Jimbo Captain of the Swampside Villains had this to say about their experience within the brotherhood

“So as the storm put a lot of people here in Florida out of power, we knew we had to do something, so we started trying to raise money to help the central Florida area. Two days into our fundraising, I got a text from Mike the captain of Bearded Villains Coastal Texas said he was going to send us a significant financial donation to help in are relief efforts. As soon as I read this text I was in shock. I have never met this guy personally, we’ve only spoken a couple times online. We often say Bearded Villains is a brotherhood, and in the truth, we are family and we are here to help each other. With the outpouring of support we were able to extend aid to our brothers in the Jacksonville chapter”

Again tragedy struck as Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, leaving it with no power, water, or supplies. The brotherhood again found its purpose to be steadfast as the different chapters are now working diligently to help with the relief efforts for the brothers and people of Puerto Rico. Some of the first to react were the chapters dealing with their own devastation, like the Florida and Texas chapters. You see, when it comes to a family bond, putting them before your own needs comes naturally, and that is the definition of Brothers helping brothers.

Written by: John Banks

IG: bearded_superman

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