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World Meet ‘17

In August of 2015, The Bearded Villains got together as a family in the first ever, Bearded Villains World Meet, hosted in Las Vegas Nevada. This was repeated again in August of 2016, also in Las Vegas. After the second Meet was held, they brilliantly decided to change the location every year, and 2017 was to be held in beautiful Miami Florida. So as the new tradition served, on August 12th 2017, BV305 became host to approximately 250 Bearded Villains from all across the world, not to mention the many others who accompanied them, and the supporters who came along for the ride. The Main event was held on a Saturday (August 12th), but we had to start the celebration early. Friday night, the Meet and Greet at The Garden, in Wynwood was the night that started it all.

There were two things clearly evident on Friday night, one was the unrelenting Florida heat that is just as much a part of the experience, and two was the undeniable, and unspoken excitement in the air for this grandiose collection of bearded excellence. Brothers from all over coming together to exchange handshakes, hugs, the infamous BV305 salutes and fond memories. As the event was hitting mid swing, the worry the Miami boys had, came true……rain! It’s no secret Miami has what we locals have come to call “Bi-polar” weather, and on most occasions rain would ultimately end any gathering set outside. Yet this was another experience and memory the Villains took with them. How is this? Cue, the thunder dome!

A hollow rounded structure that sat empty, still just a shell of aluminum and glass being built to house future events, but at that moment, served to host all who gathered for the meet and greet wishing to avoid the downpour. Like the Villain Brotherhood itself, the party could not be denied, and as the rain subsided the party flawlessly transitioned back to the artificial grass of the Garden. Cheers and laughs were plentiful and not a person in the entire area was shaken out of continuing making memories that would last a lifetime.

Off to the main event! It was easy to tell when the World Meet began, as brothers from every chapter came together again, dawning cuts (sleeveless vests) boasting numerous chapter and achievement patches. People filled the doorways and filed into the vendor/sponsor room, unable to resist the opportunity at grabbing all the merch they could get. Each table working feverishly to make sure that their patrons found themselves completely satisfied with their desired keepsakes.

From stylish and delightful eye candy at the swimsuit table, to the Pulpo Beard oils and must have combs, Mr 25/8 lacing people with some dope gear, to the brothers at the BV305 table laboring like well-oiled machines, this room was a constant bustle, assuring no one left without some Miami swag. As the day drew on and the Beard and Mustache competition drew near, a singular voice could be heard over the intercom, perfectly directing traffic and energizing a heat zombified crowd. MDLP, your gracious MC/host provided perspective as well as genuine excitement as each contestant stepped on stage to strut their stuff.

The real highlight of the night was when BV305 presented a check to Behavior Links. The sum of $5,000.00 was raised by the contributions of all the brothers and sisters who were present, and was joyously and a bit emotionally (by both parties) handed to this very generous non-profit. With this help, they will be able to visit several locations and will change the lives of a multitude of people in need.

All in all, the 2017 Miami World Meet was a success. Many will walk away from this experience with a plethora of memories, and surely many pictures will be posted in the coming months to highlight the thrill of the weekend. We’ve asked many brothers, to share their fondest:

Justin BV502 Capo said: “It was an incredible experience! One that I won’t soon forget. Being able to meet, talk and spend time with brothers from all over the world at a KICK ASS event! And all for a truly awesome cause!”

Jimbo, Swamp Side Capo said: “The BV World Meet was a one of a a kind experience of true brotherhood, friendship, loyalty and respect. Even though it was called a World Meet, it felt more like a family reunion.”

Ed “Lali” PR Capo said: “It was a magnificent experience! BV305 treated us like VIPs. There are no words to explain how happy and proud the Puerto Rico chapter is of you brothers.”

Morgan Louisiana Capo: “The world meet was a great weekend spent with fellow brothers. I love big meet ups like this, the experience you get from being around each is something you will never forget. Then to tie in a great cause like behavior links? What more can you ask.”

Mauro Argentina Capo: “In truth, I have no words for you guys for the appreciation at the acceptance and affection offered. Everything was beautifully organized, was overall a 10, was worth the misery of travel for me. Everyone conducted themselves professionally. This was an absolute party, and we are extremely satisfied at this experience. Thank you for all your support, 1 million times over.”

Jorge “Pulpo”: “Not only have you guys set expectations, but completely raised the bar for how a chapter is supposed to run and operate a huge event like this. Your precision and attention to detail is impeccable and cannot be compared. From the moment we landed, my wife and I were showered with love.”

The boys at BV305 had a lot to say about the 2017 World Meet as well. The commonality being in the opportunity of meeting so many brothers, and feeling the love that comes from this worldwide family. Having shared in the company of this extended family, the devotion that resonates in these brothers for their cause, and most importantly the money that was raised for such an amazing organization. Overall, they will always remember the moment when everyone came together for the World Meet picture, as all present flags were brought forth, and in unison the chant of “305! 305!” began, and was heard throughout the streets of Miami. This was a truly humbling experience for the Bearded Villains Miami Chapter.

Daniel “d0n_big0te” Perez, Captain of BV305, shared these words on IG, accompanying a video of this precise moment.

“It was at this moment. These 10 seconds, that really pulled on some heart strings for me. To hear villains from all over the world chanting 305!! 305!! Was a moment I will never forget in my life. WE worked so hard for this meet, I forgot to take in what was going on, but for those 10 seconds, I bowed my head and thanked god, because I was reminded of the respect BV305 has all around the world, and I am forever grateful that; that is the case. My city, my brothers, my heart. TILL THE DAY I DO!!!”

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