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NO shave November

November. Around this time we wind down from ghouls, goblins, and scantily clad costumes to start focusing on the upcoming holidays.Christmas and Thanksgiving are on the horizon. These holidays are both times of giving, receiving, and being thankful. Thanksgiving though, is a time of being thankful for friends, family, and health. Not everyone can relish and be thankful for some of the things we take for granted, like being healthy as cancer can take its toll on ay of us. All hope is not lost and with positivity and support we can do our part to say #F**KCANCER.

Enter No-shave November. This year marks 10 years that the non profit organization has been at this. This call to hairiness was to raise prostate cancer awareness for men, much like the pink bow of breast cancer for women. It now applies to any and all cancer awareness, treatment, and research. We Bearded Villains embrace this philosophy daily and continue to let this mantra spread into other charitable acts that we sponsor and do. Now don’t think you NEED to be a Bearded Villain to take action. Everyone can get in on the concept.

No-shave November involves participants to forgo shaving and grooming, whether it be facial hair, leg hair – head or otherwise, to evoke conversation which in turn is an opportunity to raise awareness and possibly inspire others to participate, contribute, or donate as well. (Phew! One breath!) The reason for the hair growth as a symbol is to embrace hair itself as most cancer patients lose it through chemotherapy. During the month, any money you’d spend on grooming and shaving you’d donate to institutions to research and cure cancer. It also helps raise people’s knowledge base on prevention as well.

Put that razor DOWN! It’s pretty easy to get on board, simply stop shaving, hitting up the barber for that fade, or getting that bikini wax job. For November, use that money to donate to fighting cancer. Strict hygiene rules at work? No problem! Grooming and trimming maintenance is fine. Can’t grow a beard?!? Support someone who can! Match their money to donate. In short, you can do your part and help make a difference in some people’s lives. It doesn’t just have to be November to give either. Any month can and does work, besides there’s never a bad time to be thankful and give back.

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