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Radio lollipop

Pictures for a moment, where the smallest gesture of caring could change a bleak situation into a solitary moment of happiness. Where a genuine smile aimed in the right direction, can be returned in the most intensely gratifying way. The most elating sensation one can feel is that of a child’s smile, influenced by an individual whose goal was to bring it forth. How good does it feel to know that that smile may just have been the one to turn everything around? Radio Lolipop are those smiles incased in the warmth of another’s spirit; waiting to be spilled forth and infect the small bodied recipients.

Early this year, one of the BV305 brothers came forward with an idea that became; what may possibly be the most surreal experience they had experienced to date. The idea was simple, and one that was so obvious to them; be there for the kids. But to what extent? Radio Lolipop is an in-house radio station, fully equipped with a studio, mics, a great music selection, and a plethora of enthusiastic folks with the simple purpose of bringing joy to children whose current situation were unfortunate. That is the point where BV305 fit perfectly, and they were able to bring out their goofy fun personalities, for the benefit of the sweet little ones before them.

Their task was a simple one, walk in to a room, smile and introduce themselves to the children and parents, then start the fun. Each group brought with them a small cart with an assortment of supplies for a fun, arts and crafts design challenge for the kids to enjoy for the slightest bit of time, while they jammed to whatever Radio Lolipop played on the air. Better yet, the kids were able to dial in and make their own music requests, making their interaction all the better for them, and those participating. Once the assignment was explained, the volunteers took off to other rooms where more children awaited, leaving them with promises to return to check out their masterpieces. At the end, winners were chosen and announced on air. This was the moment of pride for them, as all knew who they were, and better yet, the elation of knowing their prize was on the way.

The smallest gesture, the slightest token, or a minimal show of caring can bring forth a gratitude like no other. To these children, whose circumstances brought them to a place they don’t quite understand, brings them a very long way. The Bearded Villains were pleased to be a part of something so much greater than themselves. As they mentioned many times in the past, the future lies with these small people, and being the generation responsible for what is left to them, they have made it a point to show kindness whenever possible, so when they do get better, and grow as everyone does, they become the best versions of themselves they can be, and later do onto others, as was done to them. The simple purpose shared by Radio Lolipop and BV305, is kindness.

Written by Javi Vasallo

Instagram : _Pride55

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  1. Much the same reason I became a Shriner. The elation of the children is a centering phenomenon. At the end of the day no matter how miserable your life may seem, spending time with these children puts your adult life in perspective, and makes your struggles seem rather insignificant in the big picture of things

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