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Bullies united.

December 16th marked the 2nd Annual Bullies Unite Event. Brewers from around South Florida come together to showcase their breeds, raise awareness about the breeds themselves, and engage in charity events, focused on giving back to the community. This concept was originally created by Team G3 and was formed with the same ideals and principals of the Bearded Villains, which IS giving back. Did we mention puppies? Who doesn’t like to see a slew of puppies all in one place?!?

Bullies Unite started a toy drive in conjunction with their event initially. Many people hold toy drives but the focus is universally the same, to give to children in need, no matter the circumstance. When Team G3 reached out to the Bearded Villains to partner up, BV305’s Lieutenant Jorge ( @thebeardedphoenix ) answered the resounding call. Jorge incorporated Nicklaus Hospital as the focal point for the donations. The stage was set and the event larger. Much of what the Bearded Villains do, and the majority of what BV305 is geared towards, are charities of variety for children. Children are our future as a nation, but more importantly to mankind. How bv305 shows and does for children in need carries with them into adulthood with the hopes that what bv305 shows them (will be instilled in their character as well.)

Bully breeds in general are a group of misunderstood breeds; Pit Bulls being at the top of the list. Most people see pits as vicious and dangerous. The fear is such that ownership of a pit in some counties is prohibited. The one creature on this planet that will love a human more than itself is a dog. Dogs have been domesticated and have coexisted with our race almost our as long as our race’s inception. A great deal of how a dog acts is in their upbringing and training. All in all, a dog is still an animal, and animals will act like animals. We accept them into our lives and we have to accept them for who and what they are. We can’t react derogatorily to a creature that lives instinctually. Any dog can lash out whether it be unintentional or intentional, bullies however are donned this stigmata. Bullies Unites main goal is to urn these negative views into positive understanding through education and awareness.

This year’s event did not disappoint in turnout or donations. There were quite a few breeders in attendance and a rescue sanctuary for birds of prey was represented there as well. Pet supply vendors and the breeders held raffles for supplies, puppies and toys. The toys donated for Nicklaus Hospital were in abundance. Money raised was also donated to the hospital. Some Nicklaus Hospital children are bed ridden and unable to go home. They’re not allotted a Christmas like the rest of us. Giving gifts and time gives these children an opportunity to celebrate the best way they can. BV305 even hosts a radio show in the hospital call Radio Lollipop. This allows children to call in and request songs while participating Villains aid them in completing fun group projects.

Acts of kindness and overcoming ignorance are synonymous. Bringing awareness to a misunderstood breed of animals while helping children in treatment and acts that bring them a semblance of happiness in the light of despair can mean a world of difference. This was evident just by seeing all the smiling faces of the ids at the event when Santa showed, BV305 style, and passed out presents. We may be in the season of giving, but the season of caring and giving is really all year round. Happy Holidays from your Beloved BV305.

Written by: Bryon Chagnon

Instagram name: shagnus

Edited by Victor Fonseca.

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