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Record Breakers

Nothing feels better than the satisfaction of success. Working hard towards a goal or passion and pushing your limitations to meet or exceed that milestone. That sensation can be quite contagious. That feeling can drive us to do great things, be selfless, or be bigger than ourselves. One such success is pushing one’s body and mind together to achieve greatness. Weight training is one of he best examples of this. Through dedication and consistency the body transforms into a stronger and healthier version all while continuing to break boundaries and push through the body’s limits of what it can do. The changes aren’t overnight but putting in the work day after day is cumulative and the results are their own rewards. What’s more impressive, is to see an adaptive athlete rise to the occasion and not let boundaries define them.

You’re going to say, “but what’s an adaptive athlete?”. Fear not, there’s an answer to your current quandary. An adaptive athlete is the ultimate in fitspiration! Let’s put to rest the words “handicapped”, “disabled” and “special needs”, instead, let us focus on what it means to adapt. To adapt means to adjust and undergo some kind of modification to fit new circumstances. It is in our nature to adapt to life in anything it throws our way. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are constantly making the changes as an innate survival technique. An adaptive athlete has honed their motivation and will to persevere as pursue their goals despite physical or mental inconveniences. There are people and organizations that support and celebrate dynamos like this…enter Limitless Lifters.

Limitless Lifters was founded in 2018 after seeing a need for inclusion and financial support to athletes with special needs of all ages and levels of fitness. They do this through educating within the fitness community as well as organizing fundraisers to raise money and awareness for the competitors. Their mission is to show how important fitness; recreationally and competitively; for athletes and individuals, especially the adaptive level, can be for their overall wellbeing. Ultimately to see an all inclusive fitness community. This ushered in a competitive event known as Record Breakers.

The Bearded Villains Miami Chapter had been waiting for an opportunity to help in any way. Many of the brothers in the chapter are health conscious and promote a healthy lifestyle on social media to help others daily from diet tips, to accountability in the gym, and even words of empowerment and positivity to get through. On May 25th the Bearded Villains Miami got the chance to host an event, dedicated to finding sponsors to support these athletes for a future event, in conjunction with Limitless Lifters and The Battle Axe Gym. One of our members first reached out to Alejo of Limitless Lifters to collaborate with them. Khaled, a member of Battle Axe Gym, reached out to Alejo as well to get involved. Khaled’s grandfather, Abdul Chafoor Al-Yassery, was also a man who cherished helping others less fortunate. He would always bring people together and help raise money for those in need. He also sponsored orphans and helped households who had lost their “breadwinner” from war. He was a beacon of Humanity and brought smiles and blessings to all that knew him. When he passed, Khaled wasn’t able to be with him and felt the best way to honor his memory was to continue in his footsteps by doing the same acts of selflessness that he had done when alive. Khaled asked to have the event named in Honor of one of his best friends and closest confidants, his Grandfather. Abdul Chafoor Al-Yassery would look on as his legacy continued.

Record Breakers started off the day with powerlifting. Michael De La Pava, Owner of Battle Axe Gym, MC’d the event. His boisterous voice and attitude engaged the crowd to cheer on and encouraged the competitors to push themselves to success. BV305 did any and all they could to give support and raise money to help them reach their goal to be able to go to an upcoming meet in August. The rest of the day had obstacle course events as well as tug of war and sled push/pulls. Sponsors for energy drinks and nutrition were there as well with proceeds going towards the event. The energy was explosive and electrified as spectators cheered on the athletes. They were completely receptive to the cheers and praises, posing for onlookers and hugging their coaches and families with each lifting victory. It was truly an awe-inspiring competition for those that participated and those that didn’t. These athletes put their hearts and sheer will with every lift in every event. People that didn’t even work out or exercise left with a feeling of inspiration to be active. There were no longer any excuses they could give themselves about NOT being healthy especially after seeing these Warriors put it out there and give it their all despite some hinderances. Any hinderance is merely an obstacle to overcome and defeat – whether mental or physical. These kids wont give up on their dreams and aspirations just like none of us should either. with that being said, don’t let a day go by without doing something to help make life better for yourself or better yet someone else who may need the extra push.

Bearded Villains Miami will be sponsoring Joshuell from Special Allstars Fitness for a competition on August 10th in Fort Myers. His energy and showmanship is absolutely contagious. He’s always smiling and clearly loves to perform and lift. He’s a shining example of a love for life and living without limitations, something we can all embrace. Here’s to good health!

Written By: Bryon ‘Shagnus’ Chagnon

IG: @shagnus

Edited By: Javier Vasallo

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