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World Meet 2019

The Bearded Villains name and idea was originally established in 2014 in L.A. It’s purpose was to showcase bearded men of character, from a celebrity to the guy next door. Character, in this light, was the catalyst for evolution. Years later what the organization started as to what it has become is not short of extraordinary. Over the years this Brotherhood has grown to Worldwide renown bent on charity, loyalty, and respect for every person they come into contact with. They are pillars in their respective communities to aid in the betterment of those in need. If not them, then who? It’s no wonder BV305 returned to the beginning by touching down on the west coast in Los Angeles for the 2019 World Meet. Brothers from across the globe converged to this location to represent their chapters, revitalize friendships and make new ones. Here, being in each other’s presence further inspired and motivated existing members and new prospects to do great things. To be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Many brothers booked and stayed at the Historic Mayfair Hotel, nestled in downtown L.A. Built in 1926 and designed by Gulla Jonsidottir, it stands as a timeless piece of Hollywood antiquity. The first post Oscar party was held a the M Bar which resides in the heart of the lobby. Though the hotel is modeled in nostalgic décor and architecture, it is also adorned with a multi million dollar collection of street art by Kelly “Risk” Graval that captures L.A.’s contemporary art scene. This coupled with nightly live music, and it’s hard not to think of the hotel as an attraction in and of itself.

Los Angeles is such a vast expanse of sites and various points of interest. A person may feel they have unfinished business in L.A. if they failed to get around and take in all there is to see and do. Places like Little Tokyo or Chinatown are steeped in culture and authenticity. It’s almost as if a piece of these countries were dropped in and operate as satellite entities to their native lands. Los Angeles is also an nexus of arts and entertainment. Theater, music acts, art exhibits and historic landmarks really highlight the energy and celebration of creativity that thrives here. One such Landmark was the actual location for the World Meet itself, The Avalon.

The Avalon has been at the epicenter of show business in Hollywood since it first opened it’s doors in January of 1927. It has been an integral part of the history that makes up Hollywood. The Beatles played their first West Coast show there in 1964. The ABC network created a variety show based in the Avalon; at the time it was called The Hollywood Palace which was also the name of the show. Acts like The Rolling Stones and The Jackson 5 played there for the first time. Countless memorable acts have performed their way across the stage and now The Bearded Villains World Meet would be added to the roster. The World Meet was a buzz of excitement. Brothers interacting with one another, sharing life experiences, chapter memorabilia, and taking photos to commemorate the moments. The day was filled with amazing energy, drinking, pin and patch swapping, and merriment. Of course what would a bearded event be without a Beard competition?!? What better way to segway into a beard competition than with an exclusive BV Song titled “One Brotherhood One Ship” performed by 3 of their very own?!

Introduced to the stage were 3 Hip Hop stars. Captain of Bearded Villains Ventura – Damon a.ka. Blah, Co-Captain of the BV Virginia – Jimmybean, and Lieutenant of Bearded Villains Chicago – Jelli each took to the stage and picked up a microphone. Three loyal BV members from different chapters in the US, who all met through the Brotherhood and had built their bond across hundreds of miles. This was a true testament to exactly what the Bearded Villains have built. For everyone in attendance the lyrics sang out the very essence of what it was to be a BV brother. The song further entrenched the bond and faith everyone had to the Bearded Villains. The competition was filled with various categories and contestants showboating their lavished face trophies and outfits. As Victors emerged there could only be one Best in Show, and to this Bearded Champion an engraved BV sword was bequeathed to him. The trophy was definitely unique for best in show, but some awards are mightier than the sword.

At the closing of the competition, the President of Bearded Villains, Von Knox, began to speak out about recognition in the organization, as well as acknowledgement for the dedication to community and brothers. Recognition for living the very motto and slogan which BV is now founded. With admiration, he then called forward the entire BV305 Chapter to stage. After being presented their award, the Captain and Co-Captain of BV Argentina were also presented as well as Said Azbane who went on to be accredited that despite not having a chapter in his own country, is amongst the most involved in all aspects related to BV across the globe. Von Knox presented them individually with the Big Heart Award, an award handed to these select few that embodied what the organization has now become. The overwhelming feeling of being humbled and honored in the presence of your peers was evident on all the brothers’ faces. In turn, all had some words to say, but the message was a simple one throughout them. They spoke of how this wasn’t just for any one chapter, but for everyone that has taken up the call to help and continue to do charitable acts in the community. To inspire everyone to continue to do what they do, and of course, what is given in aid is repaid in the help and successes of those helped. That above all else is the best reward. BV FOR LIFE!!

Written By:
Bryon “Shagnus” Chagnon &
Javi Vasallo


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