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Many may recognize Thanksgiving as a time to gather with loved ones and eat turkey along with their favorite side dishes. Friendsgiving is not any different as it’s a time to break bread with friends that have become family. That’s what BV305 are; family. The Saturday before Thanksgiving they got together to feast and cheer with one another celebrating friendship, family, and brotherhood. As one brother after another poured into the home carrying sweet and savory sustenance; the joyous sound of warm greetings began to fill the kitchen. These men who are now brothers brought along with them, their significant others, their children, as well as pets to share in gratitude for the support and love provided by one another. It has been a difficult year for those who have faced some realities that come with life. Some had faced financial troubles, some had lost loved ones, and some had illness in the family that loomed over their heads, but still, they showed up to break bread with one another. Amongst them, a brother in particular may have faced the most difficult peril. His young son who’s battle is beyond anything most come to ever experience, but yet he brightened the hearts off all present bringing along his witty charm, dancing and playing as was his nature. A warm feeling was felt throughout and a greater appreciation encompassed all present in knowing they were able to make it to the family affair in the highest of spirits. On this day, BV305 gathered to show thanks; for their brothers who cheered them on, those that offered their wisdom and silently held one another up when it was difficult to stand. If you could take a peek into the evening, you would witness unity as they assembled as one to set the tables, the placing of several food items, and filling of cups; making sure not one was left thirsty. It was a true example of what is regularly accomplished when a proper clan comes together for the prosperity of the unified whole. While feasting under the night sky, there was no shortage of laughter and discussions that unraveled the complexity of our brothers. Perspectives and memories shared bearing experiences within the same brotherhood, just thru different eyes. Bonds were made and enforced this night as glasses were raised, not voices. After dinner, they huddled together with lowered heads and raised spirits while the familiar words spoken by the Captain so many times rang out: “One thing is for certain, One thing is for sure, Family on three. The count commences and they spoke as one “FAMILY!!!” Thanksgiving is a time one chooses to cherish the families and friends around them; in particular the Bearded Villains Miami Chapter acknowledges their accomplishments are solely due to the support of those that believe in them, and in the spirit of such a day, gratitude cannot be expressed more abundantly, as it was this night.Cheers from our BV305 Family to your and yours.Written By: Gilson “Sonny” Espinal
IG: @sonny_bv305