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2017 World Meet

When you hear the name “Bearded Villain”, what pops in your head? At first it may sound like someone you would want to steer clear of. But in all actuality we are a brotherhood of elite bearded men from around the world dedicated to the beard, charity, family, respect, and loyalty. On August 11th 2017 great men from around the globe will merge on the great city of Miami, Florida to celebrate our unique brotherhood.

Established in 2014 by President Von Knox, Bearded Villains has now grown into a worldwide organization. With chapters around the globe, these fine men not only positively impact their communities through their work, but display a comrade for each other few have ever seen.

In 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada played host to the 2nd annual BV World Meet. Hundreds of Bearded Villains from around the globe converged on the city. The event was a huge success and brought together bearded men from various backgrounds to unite in the name of brotherhood. Events included a beard competition as well as a “pin-up” contest. This year’s event looks too far exceed the previous year in attendance as well as community involvement.

Touted as “Beard Bash Miami”, this years Bearded Villains World Meet will look to showcase the beautiful city of Miami and the very best it has to offer. Some of the confirmed events include a beard and mustache competition, bikini contest, barber battle, and pool party just to name a few.

Many more details are yet to be disclosed. But you can stay up to date on all things World Meet by following Bearded Villains Miami on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Event sponsorship inquiries can be directed to

We look forward to seeing you in our great city!

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Azbane sponsor

Azbane is a name known across the world by many. You have probably seen their products in hotels across the world if you’re a frequent traveler, or work in the Hotel industry. This Moroccan company has been a leading manufacturer of a variety of shampoos, soaps, creams and oils available to the consumer as well, through online shop services We are especially fond of their Men’s grooming products, particularly catering to beard care in form of oils, balms, beard and face moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners. Azbane is the largest user of Argan oil in Morocco, which is used in its purest form in their formulations of these impressive products. They are known for their worldwide exports, the US being a major market for them.

Argania, a genus of Argania Spinosa or Argan, can only be found in the southwestern region of Morocco. The tree bares fruit with a single, hard nut wherein 1-3 seeds/kernels are found, and argan oil is extracted. For locals, this oil is used for culinary purposes mostly, but is now heavily used in many cosmetic applications, such as these highly recommended Azbane products.

Our Bearded Villains organization is fortunate enough to have Said Azbane, whose family founded the company in 1970, to call a brother. Some of you who have met Said (aka: @happysbeards), will know he is a one of a kind brother who has made a point to travel the globe in a quest to reach out to the chapters of our organization offering his respect and knowledge to those brothers willing to give time to him. Said was made an honorary member of our Miami chapter late in 2016, and we could not be happier to have him represent us.

Late in 2016 the Bearded Villains Miami Chapter (BV305) was chosen to host the 3rd annual Bearded Villains World meet. A huge event designed with the purpose of uniting our Bearded Brothers to one city, where we can strengthen our bonds, and continue our everlasting venture to change how the world views the bearded man. When we discovered our city was chosen to host this year’s World Meet, Said contacted us immediately and offered his help.

He agreed to be our official, and largest sponsor, and contribute largely to our efforts in making this year one to remember. We happily accepted his contributions, and look forward to the time to come. With the help of Azbane, and the many ideas we have in store, Miami will be the place to be.

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MLK day beautification 2017

On January 14th of this year, the Bearded Villains Miami (hereafter mentioned as BV305) participated in the beautification of Brownsville Middle School in Miami. The beautification consisted of; cleaning any type of graffiti, gardening, painting, picking up trash, as well as much more.

The beautification was organized by the law offices of Hamilton, Miller, and Birthisel. (hereafter mentioned as HM&B) BV305 first assisted in the beautification of Brownsville Middle School on Martin Luther King Jr’s day weekend 2016. Erika Marrero, a paralegal, and very close supporter and affiliate of BV305 helped us become a part of such a fantastic cause.

This coalition between HM&B and BV305, made huge strides towards assisting Brownsville Middle. Apart from the two MLK day beautification, BV305 also assisted in a school supply drive.

Called the “Red Carpet Affair”, BV305 along side HM&B gathered school supplies in accordance to requests from Brownsville Middle. As well as attending the first day of school to welcome the kids back for another amazing school year.

BV305 is humbled with the opportunity to assist HM&B with this cause, and looks forward to working with them on many more ventures to come.

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What can we say about 2016? It has been a year of growth and mind blowing accomplishments. In the last 12 months, we have reached milestones we never thought possible. But through our sacrifice, determination and the amazing response from the Bearded Villains organization, as well as many loyal supporters, we have risen to new heights.

In twelve seemingly short months, We brought food to the hungry, brought hope to the homeless. (Even if only by showing compassion with the simple gesture of cutting their hair, and providing simple grooming kits). In addition, to various walks to assist in raising awareness for several diseases. We acquired donations of school supplies (which we later, personally distributed) for less fortunate children. A positive start to what we hope will be a positive school year for them. Also in 2016, we set a goal with Make A Wish Foundation. $5,000.00 was raised in just three short months to grant a young boy’s wish.

Miami channel 7 news noted our efforts. On April 14th 2016, they (channel 7 news) aired an interview describing our efforts in aiding this boy and his family. This impacted our efforts tremendously, and added to the support extended by so many.

This year; 2017 will be no different. We have many new ventures we are looking forward to. Not just in our community, but within our own Bearded Villains organization. The growth we are seeing is unreal, and we urge you to follow our progress, and feel free to reach out if you would like to be a part of anything we do. Support is never rejected, and is always appreciated!