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Giving Thanksgiving

A lot can be said about 2020. What we all thought would be a godsend turned out to be a downer. But we thrive, we adapt and we conquer. This year was perhaps the most rewarding; if you consider what’s been gained rather than what’s been misplaced. What is a loss if not another lesson learned? Sure our routines are all scattered and misshapen, but they’re new, and although some will call it unfortunate, others would call it a push in a new direction that’s forced us to leave our comfort zone and further push into a new world. Shall we call it…forced evolution?

Nonetheless, we recognize that not all were fortunate to have a new start, or a good push. We’d be fools to think we all are effected the same by this pandemic. Therefore, this year the BV305 is undertaking a different approach to our Thanksgiving by giving Thanksgiving! Tongue twister right?!

So here’s what we want. If you know a family whose got a heart of gold but has been having a hard time, nominate them. Tell us about them! Click on the “Giving thanks giving” below and fill out the form, and nominate the family. Tell us why they’re the perfect candidate and we’ll give them and their family the Thanksgiving they deserve. We don’t want to make a spectacle out of it, we just want to bless others so we promise your nominees will be kept private and away from the public eye. All we want is to see their smiles.


Giving Thanks giving!




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