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Amigos For Kids

Amigos for Kids was created in 1991 with a simple purpose, to raise awareness of child abuse prevention and to help children and families in need. Amigos has created several avenues to reach these initiatives such as, the José Martí park after school program, which focuses on helping inner city children with scholastic assistance to which they have 100 children enrolled. Amigos strengthens families and communities by providing education to families on the philosophy of nurturing, to strengthen the bond between parent and child. Amigos has a plethora of programs that all have an array of benefits for families in the community.

One program in particular that stood out to the BV305 was the Amigos for Kids holiday toy drive. Christmas always makes most people want to give, wether it be gift giving or charitable donations. The ideology of the “Christmas spirit” changes people’s perspective, and encourages them to do what is taught to us as children, and that’s the simple act of sharing or giving. The holiday season brings people together, making them more aware, more courteous, and more joyful overall. When you think of Christmas, most people think of seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when you give them the perfect gift. The Amigos toy drive would give families, who otherwise would not be have the blessing to give, an opportunity to fulfill their Christmas

Unknown to the community, there are a staggering number of families who will go without Christmas all across the country this year, but in Miami, a good portion of those families will have a reason to celebrate through the combined efforts of Amigos for Kids and the Bearded Villains Miami chapter. Roughly three years ago, BV305 would attend their first event with Amigos for Kids with just a few members at that time, and would find themselves serving a purpose far greater than they imagined.

Early morning on Saturday, December 16th, the brothers from BV305 gathered in the parking lot waiting to be let into the building, so they can get to work. The sense of eagerness and excitement was thrumming throughout, and apparent in everyone’s faces. The Miami chapter bolsters over 40 members currently, and more than half of them attending, ready to change Christmas for every family they could. On one side of the room, volunteers and staff, and on the other, stood the brotherhood. When given the nod to get started, the villains jumped into action moving together and assisting like a fine tuned machine, accomplishing the task at hand of loading two trucks with toys way ahead of schedule. The day was filled with memories, laughter, some sweat and maybe even a tear or two. One thing is for sure, the Amigos for Kids and the Bearded Villains Miami Chapter will be making sure that families in their community do not miss out on the joys of Christmas.

Written by: John Banks IG: @bearded_superman

Edited By: Javier Vasallo IG: @Pride55