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BV305 Wellness

The journey to find balance between ones mind, body, and soul can be a treacherous one, filled with distractions to keep someone from their path of reaching their desired goals. As the world seems to fall deeper into chaos the BV305 have taken action and spearheaded a movement that can be achieved no matter your position in life. Wellness and the pursuit of growing as an individual, is something often talked about by many of us; yet when it comes time to take action, we fall into the traps or distractions that lead us to stray from those goals. As human beings, everyone has succumbed to this but, internally everyone wants to change for the better. With 2018 bringing in fresh faces, fresh ideas, and renewed passion for life, the Bearded Villains Miami chapter decided to make a change and they would start by looking internally.

As brothers, the Miami chapter often pushes each other to be better and to do better, so they began finding ways to step it up. Challenging each other to lifting challenges, weight loss challenges, even inter club foot races. As the challenges went around, more brothers got involved and the group grew closer through merits of strength and hard work in the gym. Through this, the #bv305wellness project began.

The unification of body and mind has become a priority for the Miami chapter as it creates focus within the group to accomplish all tasks in front of them. It is widely known that fitness often coincides with good mental health. The wellness movement is in place to show people that many brothers in the Miami chapter are working hard in the gym, that there are brothers looking to take their life back from the pitfalls of being sedentary and overweight. Studies show that obesity can lead to depression or varied mental health disorders. With all the trials and tribulations life throws at people on a daily basis the idea of pursuing wellness together as a group was something that the men of BV305 are adamant about.

While the act of charity is paramount amongst the Bearded Villains Miami chapter, wellness has etched itself on the tablet of priorities moving forward to show everyone out there; brothers and sisters alike that they are not alone. That the blood, sweat, and tears shed in the weight room, on the court, in the yoga studio, or wherever you pursue your wellness, that you have support from the BV305 brotherhood. One day at a time, one rep at a time, the time for self improvement is always right now. The Miami chapter wants you to get out there, get active, get the body you always wanted, run the marathon you said you couldn’t, hike the path you’ve been putting off because the weather hasn’t been perfect but more importantly get the mindset of making your physical and mental wellness a priority. It’s time to change one day, to day one.

Written by: John Banks

IG: @bearded_superman

Edited By: Javi Vasallo

IG: @pride55