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As socialites, one of the biggest things we look forward to is embellishing in the experiences we’ve had in our lifetime. To share in the cultural, and ethnical differences we may have had a chance to live for a brief time. In such a huge world, to meet someone so different, and learn of their lifestyle, to see how they live and immerse ourselves in their day to day is an experience a lot strive for. This is the case for many, though for others it is an opportunity to relax and escape their realities. To live free of stress of managing life. Regardless of the reason, one thing everyone looks for is great accommodations.

In the last few decades, travel has become extremely easy, with its affordability and accessibility. Over the years we have all seen several sites which cater to ones needs, whether it be booking flights, hotels, vehicles, excursions etc. The commonality within these products is their simplicity. The ease of selecting a date and destination, which then leads you to several affordable options for the above mentioned. Some even go as far as suggesting events, dining and shopping locations, which provide further convenience. But there is another commonality to these sites, and that is competition.

With all the available OTA (online Travel Agencies) site out today, time is easily spent in researching. They all guaranty the best prices, yet we keep looking for the best and as a result, frustration sets, and your excitement at travelling suddenly turns into frustration that ultimately leads to your deciding on affordability, over the enjoyable experience you want. This is where STAYinde differs.

STAYinde is a company that began at the end of 2015, as a site dedicated to giving the traveler an informed and fulfilling search experience in helping them choose where they stay. In this technologically advanced world we live in, what better then to use a tool that billions across the world are already familiar with, Instagram. This allows the user to experience more in their searches with media. Nowadays, pictures are used easily, but video is still something not fully incorporated into websites, as it requires intense amounts of coding, which adds to overall expense.

So imagine going into, selecting a date and destination that instantly generates a list of options, and easily accessing videos of hotel rooms, dining halls, banquet rooms, pools, property scenery and a plethora of other selling points for any given hotel. Let us say you want to see more, another click of your screen will take you directly to the hotels Instagram page for you to browse further. This is the experience they offer you, and the one experience that will keep your excitement alive. We don’t want stress going into what will be an awesome experience, so why not STAYinde instead.